Road Name Request

What you should know before starting:

  • New road names must be submitted to the E-911 Administrative Office for approval. A form is provided along with information regarding the procedures and requirements. These procedures are in place to reduce the possibilities of duplicate, confusing, or unusable road names.
  • Road names are reviewed and brought before the County Commission for further debate.
  • Duplicate names, similar sounding, un-common spellings, and proper names will not be allowed under any circumstances.

    To avoid delays please consider these tips:

    • Avoid family names as these are not allowed. Property often changes owners and new owners will be inclined to try and rename the road.
    • Avoid using common names such as different trees, lakes, rivers. Common words are poor choice.
    • Submit three (3) completely different choices. These will be reviewed and compared with all names in our road name database.

      Road naming is required if three (3) or more houses are on the same road regardless.

      The Sequatchie County E-911 Mapping Department names/numbers roads to make it easier to find you in the event of an emergency. The County or City has not taken any ownership or any responsibility to maintain the road. To have a road maintained by the City or County you will need to meet their criteria and speak to someone in the appropriate departments for more information.

      It is recommended that you also take the time to purchase a road name sign.

      Road Name Request Procedure

      Download our Road Name Request form or stop by the E-911 Center located at 426 Cedar St. Dunlap TN, 37327 Monday – Friday between the hours of 8am to 4pm.

      Road Requests should be returned to the same address upon completion.

      Road Name Request Form Download